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Tritoma kniphofia - Torch Lily


Torch Lily is a startling flash of color in the southwest desert. Upright plants end in orange and yellow spikes that look like flaming candles. Almost garish, they're bound to get noticed and are a welcome bright spot in a xeriscaped garden.

A sturdy South African native, Tritoma is as easy to grow as it is spectacular. The unusual bi-color spikes stand 3 feet above tough grassy foliage and hold on for weeks. Great in a flashy cluster or lining a driveway, it upstages most flowering plants and looks best on its own.

Red Hot Poker thrives in the dry heat of the southwest desert, needs full sun, sandy soil, and a dry garden. Anywhere in zones 5 - 9 it thrives in alkaline soils that would defeat a tumbleweed.

10 seeds.

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