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Minnesota Midget Melon - Cucumis melo


This miniature vintage melon was developed in the 1940's to grow in the short season climate near the Great Lakes. It's extra early, grows on compact vines that rarely get over 3' long. Super sweet fruits the size of a softball have thick golden flesh that's tasty right down to the rind. This melon has a place in anyone's garden.

Plants are small enough to grow in a container, great news for patio farmers. The fruits mature in just 60-75 days and pretty much fall off the vine when they're ripe. No guessing here.

Minnesota Midget was bred for its early harvest and disease resistance, but the seeds you save will come true. Save plenty to share.

Direct seeding works best with melons. Wait till the soil is warm, then plant the seeds where you want them. They'll germinate quickly and you'll have fresh melons in a couple of months.

10 seeds

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