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Passiflora ambigua - Granadilla de Monte


Passiflora ambigua is a spectacular passion flower from the rain forests of Central America. Red and purple fringe festoon huge rosy blooms that ripen into tasty golden fruits that were cultivated by the Mayans. They are still offered in local markets today.

Granadilla de Monte is a vigorous, fast-growing vine, Native to tropical rain forests from Mexico to Ecuador, it needs bright light, high humidity, rich, moist, well-draining soil, and prefers temperatures above 65° It will tolerate dips into the 50's, but this is an emphatically tropical vine. Grow it in a greenhouse or a sheltered spot in zones 9-11.

These fresh seeds were collected in Ecuador and should sprout easily if planted right away. Soak them in orange juice overnight, then plant in rich, warm soil.

Keep the plants well watered in summer, feed twice a month during the growing season, and provide something sturdy to climb on. This is one enthusiastic vine.

5 rare seeds.

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