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Stephanotis floribunda Madagascar Jasmine


If you've been to a wedding, you know the glorious fragrance of Stephanotis. Those long-lasting white blossoms are pinned onto lapels, made into leis, copied in perfumes. And you can enjoy them in your very own garden, climbing on a trellis or in a container indoors.

Glossy green leaves keep this vigorous, woody climber handsome year round. It climbs whatever support you provide, even a wire hoop in a pot, and does not invade its neighbors. In summer, it produces fat clusters of 2" blossoms that perfume the neighborhood. The fragrance is legendary. If you love fragrant plants, this should be at the top of your list.

Outdoors, Madagascar Jasmine needs the warmth of zones 9-10, rich moist soil, and a shady spot. Accustomed to high humidity, it thrives in close company with other plants. It's an ideal conservatory specimen, and does beautifully as a houseplant.


Soak seeds for 6 to 8 hours in warm water. Place seeds on top of potting soil, then cover with a light layer of horticulture sand. Keep the soil consistently moist during germination. but not soaking wet. Place in a warm, sunny location. Do not let temperatures get below 55° and make sure the pot gets at least 6 hours of sun.

5 fresh seeds

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