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Sweet Datil Pepper - Rare Southern Heirloom


A year ago, few people had heard of Datil Peppers. Now chili collectors can't get enough. They're hotter than hades, but also deliciously fruity, fantastic in salsa, chutney, BBQ sauce, pepper jelly, even martinis! But if you can't take the blistering heat, you've been out of luck. Bummer!

Now there's a Sweet Datil Pepper, with all the fragrance and flavor of the original, but without the heat. It even pairs well with fruit. Adventurous tourists in St. Augustine, Florida are treated to strawberry-datil popsicles and pepper martinis.

Datils are long season peppers, mostly grown in South Florida. Start them early indoors so you get a full harvest. They mature into 5' shrubs and deliver loads of fruit. Don't plant them too close to a regular Datil or they'll turn hot again. Peppers cross like crazy.

Sweet Datil seeds are still rare. Grow more.

10 seeds

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