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Windowsill Herb Garden - Seven Gourmet Herbs


Nothing beats the taste of fresh herbs in a recipe. Now that the weather has warmed, your herb garden is calling. No garden? A windowsill will do just fine.

Treat yourself or the chef in your life to an herb garden with these seven savory seasonings. Your provide the soil, containers, and windowsill. We provide the magic seeds.

Italian Parsley - 250 seeds

Spicy Globe Basil - 400 seeds

Kitchen Sage - 200 seeds

Cilantro-100 seeds

Chives -300 seeds

Greek Oregano- 150 seeds

Thyme - 200+ seeds

All grow easily from seed in a sunny window. Clip a few sprigs as needed and more will grow right back. These are hand chosen for container growing and ready to sow. Fabulous for you or your favorite foodie.

You provide the containers, soil and sunshine. We provide the fresh organic seeds.

1400+ seeds

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