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Blue Star Creeper - Laurentia - Isotoma axilaris


Blue Star Creeper makes everything around it look good. A sweet little filler, it looks like a moss with tiny blue flowers, but it's surprisingly tough.

The first year, it grows close to the ground like Baby's Tears, blooming tiny pale blue flowers from spring till frost. A great filler between stepping stones or fluff for a potting planting, it's a great filler and tolerates gentle traffic. You can step on it, but no football games. This is a lovely ground cover but it's not turf.
Year two, it puffs up to about 6" and the flowers become 1" lavender-blue stars. Laurentia spreads through underground runners. It may disappear in winter, but it's still there. Over time, you'll have a full patch of starry fluff .


The seeds are expensive, not for random broadcasting (unless you're very rich). Surface sow them in a pot till they're established, then transplant and allow them to fill in over time. Fill in they will. They're perennial in zones 5 through 9. Dappled shade with even moisture is ideal.

25 seeds.

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