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Blue Star Creeper - Laurentia - Isotoma axilaris


Blue Star Creeper makes everything around it look good. A sweet little filler, it looks like a moss with tiny blue flowers, but it's surprisingly tough.

The first year, it grows close to the ground like Baby's Tears, blooming tiny pale blue flowers from spring till frost. A great filler between steppingstones or fluff for a potting planting, it's a great filler and tolerates gentle traffic. You can step on it, but no football games. This is a lovely ground cover but it's not turf.
Year two, it puffs up to about 6" and the flowers become 1" lavender-blue stars. Laurentia spreads through underground runners. It may disappear in winter, but it's still there. Over time, you'll have a full patch of starry fluff .


The seeds are expensive, not for random broadcasting (unless you're very rich). Surface sow them in a pot till they're established, then transplant and allow them to fill in over time. Fill in they will. They're perennial in zones 5 through 9. Dappled shade with even moisture is ideal.


Water seed starting mix and allow to drain. Sprinkle seeds on top of your soil. Cover your pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band and place in indirect light, keeping soil consistently moist but not soaking wet. Plastic wrap will keep in heat and moisture, remove the wrap once you have seedlings.


20 teeny, tiny seeds


Laurentia, Isotoma axillaris – Wisconsin Horticulture

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