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Dichondra repens - Dichondra


Dichondra is the perfect ground cover for warm climates. It doesn't need to be mowed, is soft and squishy to play on, can be walked on, and fills awkward spaces.

Dichondra looks something like dense clover, only greener and softer. It spreads by underground runners but doesn't get carried away. It just fills in where it's needed and looks good.

It does best in full sun with deep, occasional watering, but will thrive in the shade, though it will grow taller and lanky. It won't tolerate a freeze, but is permanent in zones 9-11. Keep it fed and weeded in the beginning and it will crowd out weeds ever after.

Dichondra is a great filler in container gardens, at the edge of a flower bed, between pavers in walkways. You'll need several pounds to seed a lawn, but just a few seeds will make you a convert. No more mowing!

Growing Directions: Scuffle up bare soil, broadcast the seed evenly, cover with ¼” of soil. Water evenly. No pre-treatment needed for germination. Sow seeds just below soil surface at 70F and water.

500 seeds

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