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Calonyction - Giant Moonflower Vine


Imagine a white blossom the size of saucer that blooms at night, perfumes your garden, glows in the moonlight and closes at dawn. If you're patient, you can watch them unfurl right before your eyes. Moonflowers are magical.

A member of the morning glory family, Moonflowers are easy to grow, need nothing but summer weather, occasional water and something to climb on. They'll reach up into your tallest trees or cover an arbor in a season, then disappear in winter leaving seeds behind to surprise you in spring. They bloom in profusion, but are not invasive. They even grow indoors.

Moonflowers are annuals and will grow in any zone. Soak the seeds overnight, then plant them where you can enjoy the midnight show from your window. They'll do the rest.

10 seeds

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