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Scarlet Scallion - Japanese Heirloom


Red Beard onions are hugely popular in Asia for their flashy looks as well as their flavor. Like scallions, the tops are green and the base is white, but in between is red, even redder if the weather is cold. Besides being tasty, this onion looks great on a plate.

Bunching onions grow in clusters like chives, with multiple shoots growing from the base. Snip green tops as you need them. They're perennial and will form thicker bunches the longer they're in the ground.

Red Beard grows 2' tall. Sow seeds in spring or fall in fertile, well-drained soil. Harvest some in a few weeks or let them go through the winter for fat clumps. The red color is stimulated by cold temperatures.

These seeds came from a Japanese grower and will deliver the real deal. Non GMO.

100 seeds.

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